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    Prescribed Fire
    Fire is a natural occurrence in nature and is essential to maintaining a healthy balance in our forests and ecosystems. Prescribed fire is a natural way to eliminate hazardous fuel loading which when left unattended may result in catastrophic wildfire as evidenced every year throughout the United States.

    Prescribed Fire is the controlled application of fire to existing naturally occurring fuels under specified environmental conditions, following appropriate precautionary measures, which allows the fire to be confined to a predetermined area and accomplishes the planned land management objectives.

    Mechanical Fuel Reduction / Mastication

    Our Mechanical Fuel Reduction Division offers a full range of vegetation management services that includes:

    • Mastication
      • By definition, “Mastication” is defined as a means to grind or chew and or to grind and knead.
    • Mulching
      • By definition “Mulching” is defined as: Providing a covering of various substances, esp organic, placed on the earth to help control erosion and protect exposed soils.
    • Heavy Mowing
    • Underbrush Removal
    Quality Equipment

    Mechanical fuels reduction equipment generally consists of a “cutting attachment” and a “prime mover”. The cutting attachment comes in a variety of forms. Common types include a vertically mounted rotating head (slashbuster) and a horizontally mounted cutting drum (mulcher). The prime mover is simply the vehicle that moves the cutting head across the ground, such as an excavator, all surface vehicle (ASV), or a 4-wheel drive tractor.

    We use a variety of machines to get your fuels work done right. Attack-One has five different pieces of equipment that perform this operation. We offer an entire fleet of Gyro-Trac mulching machines. Our Gyro-Trac machines maintain a very low ground pressure and are capable of traversing some of the roughest terrain. Our machine virtually leave no footprint. These machines are capable of grinding larger trees 0 inches in diameter at breast height (DBH) up to heights of 60 feet, or as small as a 1 foot tall brush

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