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    Wildland Fire Supression
    Wildfire Suppression Division currently holds two Federal Contract’s. Our Engine Crew’s are under contract through the USFS Region 8 Water Handling Equipment Contract and our Tactical Dozer Crew’s are under contract through the USFS Region 8 Heavy Equipment Contract.  We are dispatched through the Florida Interagency Coordination Center located in Tallahassee, Florida and are available for immediate deployment throughout the United States.  We are called upon frequently and fight fire alongside with and in cooperation with Federal and State Firefighters. We have been integral in protecting lives and property in some of the country’s most destructive wildfires for over 10 years. Our employees meet or exceed the minimum training required by the NWCG PMS 310-1 and are required to maintain all necessary certifications to include Federally recognized red-cards.

    Our employees, training and equipment are available for Agency Inspection and are all reviewed annually. We pride ourselves on Agency cooperation in an effort to become part of the solution to any incident or fire.

    Private Wildland Fire Contracting

    Attack-One is available for Private Wildland Fire Suppression Contract’s to serve large land owners, Tribal Lands, military land managers, forest managers, timber operations management, utility companies, unincorporated or underserved areas. We have crews that are available for immediate deployment and work alongside Federal, State and Local Agencies to assist the landowner in suppressing the wildfire. Whether protecting a  private customer’s property or under Agency contract, Attack-One maintains the ICS and chain of command. Attack-One does not contract suppression services to individual homeowners.

    All Risk Deployment

    Information Coming Soon!!

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